Rad Dad – TBI Family Fund Mission:

To bring peace to the families of accident caused TBIs by contributing to medical funds and living expenses.

How the fund works: 

The selection process for distributions, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • The TBI must have been caused by an accident.
  • The injured did not have long-term care insurance at the time of the accident.
  • The injured is unable to generate an income above $50,000 per year after the accident.
  • The injured is not deceased.

Donors have the option of selecting a TBI survivor they prefer their donation to benefit. Donors may also donate to the general fund to cover operating costs.  Types of expenses donations we reimburse TBI survivors for:

The purpose of the funds is to pay for living expenses and medical expenses of the injured or their family. We will distribute cash donations, check donations, credit card donations, and other case equivalent donations. The funds will be used to pay for living expenses and medical expenses of the injured or their family or to fund raise. We will not distribute gift cards, gift certificates, items or other donations that are not easy to liquidate. If the injured is a beneficiary of fundraising/auctions/raffles of donated items, the exchange of goods and value of the item(s) will be noted on the donation receipt. We will only distribute the funds raised from the sale of those items. Rad Dad TBI Family Fund will reimburse the survivor for any expense that can be categorized as a living expense or a medical expense. In order to receive funds, families will be reimbursed for expenses after sending us proof of the expense. Acceptable documentation for reimbursement includes: original receipts, copies of cleared checks, or bank statements; with all documentation requiring a date, amount, payee, and injured’s name. If cleared checks or bank statements are used in lieu of original receipts, it is the responsibility of the injured representative to provide proof of original receipts at the request of Rad Dad. If unable to provide original receipts, Rad Dad reserves the right to recoup the donation provided for that expense.

Rad Dad TBI Family Fund will do its best to support the survivor of your choosing with your donation, but the funds are ultimately used at our discretion. If all funds went to a specific survivor, we would not have operating funds. We must be able to pay for bookkeeping, website management, flying to hospitals when we find new families, etc. These operating cost are currently less than $1,000 annually.

tax ID:  82-2750613

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